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Yesterday I talked about feeling like a puppet with my pump attached to my arm.  Well, it turned out to be another failed experiment.  There was not enough fat there either.  So I am using old reliable for right now, the back of my leg.  So far, it is the only place I have used with consistent success.

It is a bit frustrating because I wish there were other sites I could use.  We have to change sites every 3 days and using the same area causes scar tissue to form.  Where there is scar tissue leaves no place for the insulin to go.  So if the scar tissue is diabetic at least it is getting a healthy dose of insulin.

I know there are other areas to try but I am tired of changing it out every day to find out.  It takes at least a couple of hours before you know if the insulin is being absorbed or not.  I am guilty of blind faith, that the signs are there that the pump is not dosing me correctly, but I give a chance believing that there is another reason for my high readings.

I suppose I am paying still for my past mistakes.  I should already know the best sites on my body for the pump.  It would have saved me from the scar tissue I already have from years of injecting.  Since switching to the back of my leg I am back to normal.  I know because bananas usually spike me but the one I had with dinner did not.

It is just a bumpy road right now.  It is hard to say it is the beginning after 20 years but it is for my health lifestyle.

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    linked you today. i've been reading your blogs forever, but, you came into mind today! http://onelasttoday.tumblr.com/post/27094017633/diabetic-advice

  • I am sorry it took so ling to reply. I had a show last night and did not get home until late. Thank you for linking to your blog. I am checking it out now, it is very insightful and I dig it so far. Thank you for reading and supporting. Have a great weekend.

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