I am a shoe in

My days of wearing shoes I like may be over.  Yesterday I went shoe shopping because the shoes I have, while supportive, were too pointy at the end.  Usually this was not a big deal but my left foot is still swollen from when it was broken.   It was creating issues so new shoes were in order.

I decided to be safe and get gym shoes.  Here is a fun Patrick fact, I hate gym shoes.  They are good for comfort and support but not really for looks.  I wish I could hurry the swelling so it will go away but my doctor told me it could take a year for that to happen.  So there I was looking a shelf upon shelf of gym shoes and not liking any of them.  I am prejudiced because I went into it not wanting gym shoes.

I prefer sneakers but they do not provide any support at all.  I suppose talking about shoes is not incredibly interesting but it made me wonder how many other diabetics have to wear shoes they do not like for the sake of foot care.

I talked in a previous article about the importance of foot care to diabetics and in the end that is my main concern.  For now, I just have to hope people will pay more mind to my face than my feet.

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