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What am i fighting for?

What am i fighting for?
When I was hanging out in bed in the hall of the ER (apparently, I picked a heavy night) I became overcome by emotion.  I felt hopeless, I felt helpless.  I felt like no matter what I do this disease is going to pick me apart.  I have gone from being a bad diabetic to... Read more »

Live from room 403

Live from room 403
How was my weekend?  That is a loaded question.   The answer and resulting feelings may take all week to explain.  I guess I should start from the beginning.  Last Tuesday a client made me frustrated on the phone at work.  Since we are not allowed to be mean to folks on the phone, I used... Read more »

Road tripping the diabetic way

You will notice there will be no blogs tomorrow on and Friday.  I am taking a sort ill planned road trip to Iowa and most likely will not have time to write.  It did make think of a good blog idea though and that is road tripping as a diabetic. The trip to Iowa will... Read more »

Prick it or ticket...or worse.

Do you check your blood glucose before you drive?   I try to remember to test before I drive and if I have a low I do not drive.  It is not something that we think about but in some cases DWD(driving while diabetic) can be just as bad as driving drunk, If you are well... Read more »

Friends with Diabenefits.

Sorry not at all what you were thinking based on headline alone. As I am sure is the case with many diabetics I’ve had the “so what do we do if you pass out?” conversation.  I do not answer at first because it is fun to watch them try to guess.  It goes from funny... Read more »

Glu: social media for diabetics

I am always on the lookout for new places to find support.  Did you know I found the diabetic equivalent to Facebook?  The site is called Glu and though I am quite new to it (I have 0 friends there so far) I have been enjoying getting to know the site.  The sign up is... Read more »

Why diabetes is worse than cancer

I have said to many as well as writing here that diabetes is more difficult to deal with than either bout with cancer ever was.  For some this is difficult to believe so I am going to explain myself. After the initial shock of the news of cancer I was told of the survival rate. ... Read more »

Welcome to the club

Welcome to the diabetic club, yes girls are allowed.   We have a sweet double wide trailer that is always the perfect temperature and the fridge is stocked with cool refreshments.  Diet everything.  We have what you need in terms of insulin supplies: syringes, alcohol swabs, and testing supplies. We are your new best friends, we... Read more »

Ask a diabetic.

There are many questions out there regarding diabetes.  There are also many myths.  Sometimes people believe the myths and think they know about the disease.  I asked some of my fellow Chicagonow bloggers what questions they had.  They asked I answered.  Thanks to all of them, click on their names to check out their respective... Read more »

Sometimes diabetes wins

Sometimes I am a hypocrite, I preach about the sunny side of life but I sometimes do not live it.  Learning to live with this disease is not easy.  I still break at times.  I have always had trouble appreciating the good moments over the bad, even when the good outweighs the bad.  This weekend... Read more »
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