Well that did not take long...

Last week I wrote about the sometimes inconvenience of having an insulin pump.  Ryan, media sensation and fellow diabetic, said the following “ I can’t wait for the blog when you’re in a hurry somewhere and it catches on a doorknob and rips out of you”.  Well Ryan your wait was not long…

It happened when I was taking a shower.  I know you are picturing it right now.  You are welcome and I will give you a second to gather yourself.  Anyway before I take a shower I have to disconnect the pump from the needle in my skin do it does not get wet.

So I did the shower thing and when I finished I reconnected the pump to the needle.  Or did I?  Well if it went that smooth then this blog would be over.  However, it was not quite that easy.

After my shower I had lunch, it was pretty fantastic, grilled salmon with green beans and an apple.  Had I taken a picture it would not only be a piece of Instagram art but worthy of a Facebook and Twitter post.  My point is that it was delicious.  I may be a bad diabetic but I am good enough cook when I need to be.

It was about an hour after lunch that something seemed amiss I felt like my blood sugar was high but that had to be impossible.  I took the correct amount of insulin and I did not eat anything out of the ordinary.  So I checked and sure enough my level was 343 and I took more insulin from the pump.  I could not figure it out. why was this happening? Then I has whiff of something.  I know the smell, insulin has very pungent odor it is not mistaken for anything else.

I looked at my pump and in my haste I must not have securely connected the pump.  There it was dangling as if to taunt me and enjoy the little drops of money hit the ground.  So I stopped the flow of insulin and grabbed the tube.  I connected it and gave a tiny tug to make sure it was secure then I started the insulin flow again.

I started to feel better a little later and had a nice laugh about it.  Now whenever i shower I make sure to give a tug before believing the tube is connected.  I am still very aware of doorknobs and hope they will not jump out at me.  So for that post you still have to wait.

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