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Living a bit

For the last few months I have been playing it safe.  I have been afraid to eat certain foods, I know that sounds ridiculous but it is fact.  I did not want to get out of control and fall into my old habits.  I wanted to get used to my new diet first. I am... Read more »

My thoughts on "Obamacare"

Today the Supreme Court will rule on the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”.  The act’s purpose was to ensure that Americans would be able to get health insurance easier and make it less costly.  The main bone of contention seems to be the individual mandate.  This would require all American citizens to purchase health insurance... Read more »

A day away from diabetes

Hi, today I am guest blogging for my friend Kim Strickland at her blog “A City Mom”.  I am quite proud of it and would love for you to read it here.  Thank you in advance I will be right back here tomorrow. Patrick

Improving pump technology

I am trying to think of ideas to make my insulin pump more exciting.  Right now, it just looks like a pager, this is not the 90’s.  This thing needs an update, I mean besides the awesome science of it all.  That is still pretty amazing.  Here are a few things I came up with.... Read more »

Pork rinds, pickles and beef jerky

There are several snack foods that have zero carbs.  The unfortunate caveat is they are also high in sodium.  I am talking about pickles, pork rinds and beef jerky.   Foods I am not big fan of, but I am trying to learn to like them if I want to snack on something rather than something... Read more »

Here's the skinny

I have a weird problem, when I tell you some of you might hate what I am going to complain about. I am too skinny.  In fact somehow my body is still finding ways to lose weight.  Last week I was weighed by my doctor.  I weigh 169 pounds, down 8 pounds from the week... Read more »

Foot (gross) care

I hate feet, on anyone really, even the word sounds gross.  However, in diabetics your feet are the first to go.  I have been instructed by my doctors to wash my feet every day.  Thanks doc, should I also brush my teeth and shave my legs?  What? Like I am the only dude who shaves... Read more »

The diabetic birthday lament

Yesterday was my birthday, most celebrate with cake and diabetics can too.  As long as you are cool with sliver of cake.  No one eats a sliver of anything that is why you cannot buy a utensil that measures a sliver.  I did indulge a bit though, I ate a sugar fee cupcake with dinner. ... Read more »

Could we see an artificial pancreas in the future?

Could an artificial pancreas be the future of diabetes?  Thanks to my friend and fellow Chicagonow blogger Holly Lipshcultz for sending this article to me.  Researchers are working on a device that not only constantly monitors blood glucose levels but will automatically determine the appropriate amount of insulin to inject. This could lead to easier... Read more »

Date a diabetic

Dating a diabetic is not something you should be worried about, as long as they are taking care of themselves.  I am not saying I was undateable in my past life of unhealthiness but I certainly did not make life easy of the girls I was into.  Diabetes care has grown by leaps and bounds... Read more »
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