Memorial Day eating

It is Memorial Day weekend and though the real reason for the holiday got lost in the shuffle, most of us are thinking about barbecues and positive uplifting movies like the Chernobyl Diaries, Pixar movie, right?

Okay so maybe not the movie but yes the barbecues and the bags that will no doubt be played as well.  Barbecue will be my second true test of my will.  The first was sushi and yeah I failed not terribly but seriously sushi is the bee’s knees.

Anyway I am a sucker for barbecue, the smells and the taste of the food.  It is the best way to eat food.  It is easy to lose control because it always seems like food will never run out and you lose track of just how much you ate.  Well that is until later when you are losing notches in your belt.

Lucky for diabetics, most meat is low in carbs even with seasoning and toppings.  The bigger concern is starches, buns and potatoes of some sort.  I love bread and potatoes.  My obsession with the latter passed down through generations since the potato famine.

I am going to do what I usually do, pin a clothespin on my nose and keep my hunger in check.  I will be careful to not overdo it and focus on veggies instead of potatoes and just one (gasp) burger.  Enjoy the weekend and the 3 day weekend if you get it.

And thank you to all of those soldiers who have fallen so we can have such dilemmas.

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