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Follies of diabetes, chapter 1

This is going to be the first of many stories describing my not so greatest diabetic moments.  Learn from my mistakes and laugh at them.  Laughing is the best medicine but it helps to laugh at yourself every once in awhile.  It is fun to make a fool of your disease and sometimes yourself.  It... Read more »

Mood swings to a zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes the mood swings turn to figurative punches in the face.  I am fighting them, trying to get over the emotional muck that diabetes brings on but it is a war.  I need to just focus.  There a ton of things I want to accomplish and right now they are my priority. I am tempted... Read more »

Hey dummy, buy this book about diabetes.

So I was in a store the other day, I live like a normal person.  Anyway, I saw the book “Diabetes for Dummies” and instantly I felt like the book was speaking to me, “Hey, Dummy, buy this book, learn stuff.”  I know there are many many…many books of this ilk, but for some reason... Read more »

Memorial Day eating

It is Memorial Day weekend and though the real reason for the holiday got lost in the shuffle, most of us are thinking about barbecues and positive uplifting movies like the Chernobyl Diaries, Pixar movie, right? Okay so maybe not the movie but yes the barbecues and the bags that will no doubt be played... Read more »

A new reason to keep looking up.

New studies are showing that people with diabetes are living longer.  Of course this only pertains to people who are controlling their diabetes.  It makes sense though.   Diabetes means healthy eating, low carbs with a focus on fruits and vegetables.  Yes, and also exercise which is something I plan to do…eventually. This is great news... Read more »

Make me laugh, diabetic kid!

As a comedian, people react more to truth in comedy more than anything.  So I add a lot of personal things to my act.  I talk about cancer, relationships and just recently I added jokes about diabetes. Honestly, I am not saying diabetes is not funny, because it kind of is.  It had more to... Read more »

Where there is darkness, turn on a light

Do you know what it feels like to be saved?  I am not speaking religiously, I am just saying realizing you are lucky to be alive and for many reasons?  I posted yesterday about being sad and weighed down by diabetes.  I received such a great response It was overwhelming and it touched me. This... Read more »

The dark days of diabetes.

Blogger’s note: I actually wrote this blog a few weeks ago but I was apprehensive about posting it.  I finally felt able to share this with you, it is not everything but it is the non-diabetic portion of the pie. Happy one second then sad then angry, I have never experienced mood swings like this. ... Read more »

Where do you do it?

Before your mind goes to the gutter, okay perhaps it is too late for that, I am talking about finger pricks and insulin injections.  The reason I ask is because I try to rotate sites.  It is better to be able to use a number of places rather than one or two. The only thing... Read more »

Taking Wilford Brimley down a peg. He had it coming.

Why is Wilford Brimley so unhappy?  He is quite the curmudgeon.  In all of the centuries he has been in show business I do not remember him cracking even half of a smile.  He ruined oatmeal for many when he was a spokesperson for Quaker Oats and now diabetus is not even fun. Yes, diabetes... Read more »
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