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Filling up on ch-chi-chia seeds

So in my everlasting journey to health, I have discovered Chia seeds.  They are not just for giving cartoon characters afros anymore.  Nope, people are eating them.  People like me.  You are surely scratching your head and wondering if I have lost my mind.  Well I lost my mind years ago, I quite enjoy it,... Read more »

According to an article on Yahoo the American Diabetes Association has teamed up with Inspirato, a club that offers luxury vacations to its members.  In this new venture you can earn special rewards based on the amount you donate.   For instance, if you donate $2,000 you will have a onetime access to an Inspirato luxury... Read more »

What can I do better?

I have done so much on the road to getting healthy.  I sometimes wonder, what more can I be doing?  Right out of the hospital I already started my new diet.  I miss eating a lot of food sometimes but it is not that terrible.  I am monitoring my blood sugars at least 7 times... Read more »

First test of my new life

So the date is set.  My first HbA1C  test since renewing my commitment to diabetes will happen on May 11th.   I am equal parts excited and nervous.  Excited because the numbers will be proof of how far I have come.  I am nervous because what if the number is higher than I think it will... Read more »

Cutting ties with my endocrinologist

Yesterday I had a visit with my primary care physician.  I am big fan of her, I never go with trepidation and she makes me feel comfortable.  She takes the time to address my concerns and I actually believe that she wants to help me.  I cannot say the same for my endocrinologist.  I feel... Read more »

Promises I plan to keep

I have always been good at keeping promises.  If I tell I am going to do something I will do it.  Most would consider me to be reliable.  Since I have decided to take my health serious, a lot of friends have told me how relieved they are that I am on this road.  It... Read more »

Remembering Dick Clark

Dick Clark passed away on Wednesday, he was the definition of TV icon.  He also had type 2 diabetes.  A harsh reality about diabetes is that it increases your risk of stroke and heart disease among other things.  Mr. Clark had a stroke in 2004 and his cause of death was a heart attack.  No... Read more »

I feel like I just became diabetic

The last couple of months have been weird for me.  Even though I was diagnosed 20 years ago I feel like I was recently diagnosed.  I am learning more and more about myself and this disease every day.  I am on the web constantly looking for answers to questions. I try to find ways to... Read more »

Diabetic alert dogs

Dogs, they aren’t just your best friend but now they can be trained to detect blood sugar levels in diabetics.  It seems unbelievable but dogs can sniff out changes in blood glucose levels and notify their owners.  I am a dog lover, I used to have a pug she was the light of my day... Read more »

Diabetes in the workplace.

I had a conversation with a friend who is also diabetic a couple of days ago.  We talked about the difficulty this disease presents in the workplace.  He recalled a story that happened when he was initially diagnosed. When he was first diagnosed he asked me a lot of questions.  He wanted to know how... Read more »
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