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"Weird Al" Yankovic - Pancreas

Thumbnail image for '"Weird Al" Yankovic - Pancreas'
Weird Al’s ode to the pancreas.

Eating crow

No, this is not a diabetic super food.  A couple of days ago I posted a blog that stated that Neil Young is diabetic.  I was made aware by comments on that blog that I was misinformed.  I was mistaken with that claim.  Blame my blind trust in the internet, blame my excitement to have... Read more »

Highest highs and lowest lows

As I wander through my new life as a diabetic I find myself obsessed with monitoring my blood sugar.  I cannot say why I haven’t had this approach all along but I think it is not all together healthy either.  Lately, I have been living and dying per glucose test.  When it is high I... Read more »

Today is American Diabetes Association Alert Day

The American Diabetes Association started this day (the fourth Tuesday of every March) as a wakeup call to the American public.  You are asked to take the diabetes risk test to find out if you are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  It is for a good cause as well, besides your wellbeing, Boar’s Head will... Read more »

The diabetic mix tape

I spend a large part of my day listening to music.  It made me think that I should make a mix tape for us diabetics.  I should explain to the young ones that a  mix tape is something we made before there was the iPod.   We spent many an hour perfecting every tape that sometimes... Read more »

Diabetes: The Movie...DUN DUN DUN

The fine folks at put together this fake movie trailer.  Weird thing is I would actually go see it.

Diabetic with a sweet tooth

Go to any local grocery, and you may hear a crazed man screaming out “I just want something sweet!”  Follow the weeping and you will find me huddled over looking at sugar free candy.  The only thing is that it still has carbs.  Yes, I could eat it, but do I really want to substitute... Read more »

Apps for better diabetes management.

We live in an era where most folks are tethered to a smartphone or a tablet of some sort.  I am one of those people.  It is not rare for me to have to charge my phone a couple of times a day.  Between playing games and updating social media on what I had for... Read more »

In the mood for being moody

Happy one second then sad then angry, I have never experienced mood swings like this.  People with diabetes can be prone to this.  It can be anything from a change in blood glucose levels to watching people gleefully gorge themselves with brownies. The fact is that I do not enjoy the swings, I imagine most... Read more »

Peanut butter and insulin sandwiches.

Recently I have begun playing a fun little game, when I shop I look at bad foods I used to eat and see how they compare to my current diet.  Usually it leaves me astonished, I mean it is gross.  One of my favorite things is peanut butter I was one of those people that... Read more »
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