Stay Home, Stay Safe

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Times are a bit difficult now for everyone.  Basically all forms of entertainment have been suspended with the exception of things we can do at home.

Getting back into the outdoors is one thing that so many are anxious to do.  The itch comes to us with the weather breaking and spring being in the air.

With State and local parks being closed, fishing from a boat and even from shore is out for places including Heidecke, Braidwood and LaSalle Lakes.  Many ramps and shore fishing spots are closed at the Illinois, Kankakee, and DesPlaines River.

Here’s a website statement from Chicago Harbors as of April 3rd:

Chicago Harbors Closure:  All docks, boat storage facilities, parking lots, launch ramps, and other harbor properties will be closed to the public through April 30 in accordance with Governor Pretzel’s extension of the “stay-at-home” order and the resulting Chicago Park District closures. We will keep you updated as this changes.  Boaters who ignore this order and attempt to bring their boat into the harbor during the closure could have their permit revoked.

If you’re thinking of using private marina’s to launch your boat on Lake Michigan or any of the rivers, call ahead first check if they’re open.

Too, remember that there is a Stay at Home order out and it’s probably best that anyone going out of the house do that only for essential purposes.

This is tough on all of us, but we will survive if we keep our distance from others.  Wear masks and gloves when out of the house to get food, prescriptions or other necessities.  We’re constantly hearing about hand washing but going back to the gloves, it’s good protection when touching things that others have, like gas pump handles, grocery carts, even food items on the shelves.

Be safe.  Be careful. Take that extra effort to avoid getting the Coronavirus yourself or passing it on to another.  Don’t worry; before too long we’ll be Back into the Outdoors.

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