Back in the Outdoors

Back in the Outdoors

Hello everyone, Don Dziedzina here.  I hope many of you remember me from my blog here at ChicagoNow titled Illinois Outdoors.

The Illinois Outdoor blog still exists, however I’ve not made any posts there in quite a while.  I had to step back and shut down my TV Show, Illinois Outdoors, my co-hosting of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show, and all of my writing in local papers and magazines.  Let me just say it was for health reasons.

But I’m doing okay now.  I miss sharing my outdoor experiences with viewers, listeners and readers.  It’s always been fun and I appreciated all of the positive response that I received for well over 35 years.

So here I am.  Saying I’m back in the ballgame, but that’s not exactly proper.  I’d like to say, I’m “Back in the Outdoors”

I’ll be submitting blog posts as often as possible.  I’ll be writing about fishing, hunting, other outdoor sports as well as some travel destinations where I feel others will enjoy learning about for a weekend trip or a week-long vacation.

I invite you to feel free to comment on the posts or ask questions.

If you’d like to be notified of future posts, please subscribe to this blog.  No other emails will be sent to you and you can opt out whenever you like.

Glad to be back and remember…

“Great Fishing is not that far away.”  tm.



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