Baby Sideburns is leaving

Baby Sideburns is leaving



Say it isn’t sooooooo!!!!

Alas, it is. It makes me sad to say that I will no longer be writing my blog here. But you can come with me!! If you want to keep reading my hilarious blog, you need to subscribe here:


Easy peasy. Just click on the link and fill in your email address. You won’t get more shit or even a lot of shit. Just the good shit.

YOU: But but but, I always see Baby Sideburns posts on Facebook.

ME: You don’t. You think you do, but Facebook has been a little douchebaggy lately and it’s not showing my posts to a lot of people. I’ll still be on Facebook but you never know when my shenanigans are gonna get me booted from Facebook again (yes, I’ve been suspended before), and this will make sure I can always tell you where to find me.

YOU: Should we all head to ChicagoNow and throw a bag of flaming dog shit on their porch?

ME: No. They’re awesome and I’m leaving with a big-ass smile on my face. I’m scared shitless, but it’s time.

So if you like the way I make you laugh, come subscribe to BabySideburns where I’ll be writing my stuff from now on. Pretty pleeeease with vodka on top. Or whatever your beverage of choice is.

And last but not least, I beg of you to “like” this post so everyone can hear this news and find out where to go. Thank you!! You rock! You’re awesome!


Baby Sideburns

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