Redken picks a transgender model. Are they F'ing insane?!!!

Redken picks a transgender model. Are they F'ing insane?!!!

Dear Redken,

Holy crap, seriously? I just heard about what you did today. Are you insane?!! Choosing Lea T to be the new face of your hair-color line is just crazyyyy. Don’t you know that SHE used to be a HE? I mean what if people start to boycott Redken for picking a transgender model?

And what if people who already use your Chromatics hair dye have to stop using it, you know, on principle? Man, that would just suck ass to have to go find a new hair color.

But apparently you don’t care about those people. Apparently you didn’t think about them one single bit.

And for that I’d like to say, hellllls yeah. You F’ing rock, Redken. Because who gives a rat’s ass what Lea T used to look like. Who cares that she wanted to change it? And ANYONE who’s dyeing their hair should understand that. Because if you’re dyeing your hair, then you are changing the way God/Mother Nature/Father Time intended you to look. And that’s okay. As long as YOU feel good about yourself.

So thanks for being such a badass revolutionary, Redken. I don’t know whether you lost any customers today, but you definitely gained one.


A woman who dyes her hair out of an $8 box from Target. Until now.

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