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National Wear Someone Else's Shoes for a Day Day

Okay, so here’s the dealio. At ChicagoNow we have Blogapalooza once a month and we’re given a topic and we have one hour to write about it and publish a post. Yup, sixty measly minutes to finish the whole damn thing and this is our topic tonight. “Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you... Read more »

What your Yankee Candle scent says about you

Holy crap, did you know that there are over one-hundred-fifty Yankee Candle scents?! 150!! And even though I’m gonna make fun of a lot of them in this post, I want to preface this by saying if anyone who’s reading this works in the Yankee Candle HR department, please give me THAT job. The person... Read more »

Redken picks a transgender model. Are they F'ing insane?!!!

Redken picks a transgender model. Are they F'ing insane?!!!
Dear Redken, Holy crap, seriously? I just heard about what you did today. Are you insane?!! Choosing Lea T to be the new face of your hair-color line is just crazyyyy. Don’t you know that SHE used to be a HE? I mean what if people start to boycott Redken for picking a transgender model? And... Read more »

And POOF just like that my little angel turned into a GIANT crotchmuffin!

Hole. E. Shit. I don’t know WTF happened, but like two weeks ago someone flipped a switch in my little angel and he turned into the devil. I mean, no, at the time I didn’t think he was an angel because he did all sorts of annoying shit like wake us up in the middle... Read more »