In Defense of Monica Lewinsky

Mistakes I made when I was 22:

1. I went out with this total douchebag who said he loved me after about a week of dating and I believed him and said it back.

2. I drank too many strawberry daiquiris on ladies night and ended up hugging a toilet while my roomie held back my hair and ignored the pink puke that was splatter-painting our legs.

3. I put a fluorescent pink streak in my hair and thought it looked good. Which it did not.

My point is this. Twenty-two-year-olds do stupid things. REALLY stupid things. Especially if you’re a girl who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s on Disney films and Pretty Woman and believed that the happy ending is getting swooped up by the prince or the millionaire or the guy who drives a red Porsche.

When I used to think about Monica Lewinsky, I thought of her as a stupid girl who did something really stupid. But now when I think of her, now that I’m older and wiser, I think of a relatively normal girl who did something relatively normal. She made a bad decision at 22.

The same decision many of us would have made.

I mean if I were in her shoes, if the most powerful man in the whole world wanted to “be” with me when I was 22, I’m not sure I would have said no either. Did she flirt with him? Maybe. But she was 22. TWENTY-TWO!!! Barely an adult. Practically still a girl.

Was it wrong? Yes. Did she deserve to become the laughing stock of the entire nation for twenty years? No.

Today she says she was cyber-bullied and that she’s taking that on as her cause. I don’t know whether or not I agree that she was cyber-bullied, but I will say this. She was a very young woman and she made a mistake. A mistake a lot of young women would have made. A mistake that ruined her life for decades. I’m glad to see she’s moving on and turning her pain into something positive.

From one 41-year-old woman to another, good for you Monica.

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