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Holy crap do I suck at making school lunches

Okay, so now that Zoey is in kindergarten I have to pack her lunch for school, which is like the hardest thing on earth because she doesn’t eat jack shit. Well, she eats peanut butter but we can’t pack that because it might kill a kid, and I’m not really into killing children. Well, besides my own... Read more »

Happy Vajaynus Day!!!!

Here’s the thing, birthdays are bullshit. I mean hellllllo, a baby doesn’t do jack shit when he’s born and we’re supposed to celebrate him for it? Can we just consider for a moment  who did all the work that day? His mom. Yeah, the one who pushed and grunted and was tortured and bared her... Read more »

Dear mom who has decided to give birth at home

Dear mom who has decided to give birth at home, Wow, can I just say you are so brave?! I mean when I was preggers I was all like “When can you give me the epidural, doc? Whatta you mean I have to wait until I’m in labor?” And not only are you having natural... Read more »