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An Open Letter to all Poopie Trolls

Dear Poopie Troll, Yeah, you. I know who you are. Sitting behind your computer screen just looking for the perfect post to add your nasty comment to. I picture you rubbing your hands together and thinking, “How can I dissect what she said and take shit out of context and write a mean and nasty... Read more »

And kabooooom, my kid grew up, just like that

And kabooooom, my kid grew up, just like that
They say the job of a mama bird is to teach her baby bird to fly so that one day it can leave the nest. And I guess that’s kind of the job of a human mama too. But here’s the problem. I don’t want my baby bird to leave the nest. I kinda want... Read more »

#likeagirl, #likeaboy, #likethekickasskidyouare nomatterwhatyoudo

Ahhhhhhhhh, I HATE HATE HATE when someone comes up with an idea that I wish I had!!! Well, I LOVE/HATE it because this idea is SOOOOOO amazing I’m just glad someone came up with it. You’ve probably seen this video but just in case you haven’t yet, this is a video that Always did called... Read more »