Happy Birthday Zoeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!

Happy Birthday Zoeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!

Dear Zoey,

Ahhhh, today you turn the big 05. This is so exciting. Today we will celebrate you and only you. Let’s reflect on everything you did May 14, 2009 and why you deserve this great celebration. Let’s see, what did you do that day? You lay there. You got lifted out of me. You screamed and cried. You made a big mess. You got cleaned up. You got swaddled. You got held. You slept a shitload.

Now let’s reflect on everything I did that day. I popped like a big ass water balloon. I got a HUGE needle shoved into my spine. I got a small taste of what it feels like to be paralyzed from the chest down. I lay naked on a table under extremely bright lights while 20 strangers watched. I got my belly sliced open and was gutted like a fish. I felt like I was going to hurl everywhere. I hemorrhaged and had to be knocked out. And I woke up and got lots of sweet sweet morphine but still felt like ass.

Yes, I definitely think we should celebrate you today and not me. Makes total sense. Happy birthday Zoey.

A mommy who really is very proud and excited for you

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