I Just Want to Pee Alone

I Just Want to Pee Alone

Question. Who’s your favorite mommy blogger? Okay, now here’s another one. Who’s your second favorite mommy blogger? Now who’s your third? And your fourth? And fifth? Dot dot dot. Last but not who’s your 37th favorite mommy blogger? What do you mean you don’t have one? Anyone who’s anyone has a 37th favorite mommy blogger. Okay, now what if all these badass bitches got together and wrote a book, would you read it? (The correct answer is hells yeah)

Well, guess what. We did. And it’s F’ing Hi-larious. Like even the page numbers are funny (total lie). And I reveal what happened when I took my family to DisneyWorld this January. As you can imagine, everything went smoothly and no one cried and it was totally worth every dime. Bwahahahahaha!

So park the kids in front of Caillou or some shit like that (the only time you’ll ever hear me support that whiny a-hole), tell your husband you’ve got stomach upset, hide out in your flushable office, and get ready to laugh your ass off*

*Not literally . Sorry.

Drum roll please…………… Now introducing…

I Just Want to Pee Alone

Buy it on Amazon, itunes, other places, borrow it, steal it. Do whatever you have to do to get a copy.

Written by 37 (I think???) amazingly awesome and talented bloggers. Here they are (arranged in a half-assed pyramid so as not to show favoritism to anyone) because you should read them all like alllll the F’ing time.



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