Jeans: I own like a million pairs, but I wear the same F'ing ones every day

Jeans shopping SUCKS. I bring like 4 million pairs into the fitting room, and want to slit my wrists as I cram/stuff/shoehorn my thighs into each pair. And then when I finally get them on, the fluorescent lighting makes me look like ass and the mirror adds ten pounds. To each butt cheek. So when I finally walk out with the only pair that I won’t be too embarrassed to wear in a dimly lit place, I never throw them away. EVER. Even if they don’t fit anymore. I keep them on the off chance that I’ll be able to wear them again someday and won’t have to go jeans shopping again. Here’s a photo album of what I’m talking about with some sort of kind of funnyish captions. Just an FYI, all labels are concealed except for the ones that make me look skinny.

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