Take Your Child to Work Day, Every Day?

I’m a fair-weather White Sox Fan, so I won’t profess to be an expert on baseball or LaRoche. I am, however, a mother that was employed from home as my children grew up, so I can speak to having to work fulltime while my children were at my side and under my feet. I felt... Read more »

Why Can’t I Lose This Grandbaby Weight?

I’ve been scratching my head for months now trying to figure out why I’m not down to 100 pounds since I’ve had a granddaughter. I spend each of my regularly scheduled babysitting days, chasing, running, crawling, jumping and carrying an adorable 18-20 pound weight around for about 8 hours. I thought I could cancel my... Read more »

Why Your Grandbaby Should Learn Sign Language

“You’re going to teach my Granddaughter what?!” I said. “Sign language, Mom – baby sign language,” said my Daughter. “Why, is there something wrong with the baby’s hearing?” I asked. (I knew there wasn’t because I had secretly been testing it from the time she was born.) “No, Mom,” she said. “Babies’ vocal chords are not developed enough to speak,... Read more »