That face!

Our daughter turns 5 years old on Wednesday. I know, I can’t believe it either. We threw her a “A Honey Boo Boo” party. Not really, it was an Enchanted Princess Party at Sweet and Sassy, but that’s what I call it since all the girls look like little pageant contestants once those very talented... Read more »

Kindergarten can't come too soon

I may be missing that certain motherly hormone, but I ca’t wait until my daughter goes to school full time. I’ve sat through conversations with my girlfriends, both stay at home and working  moms, who were dreading the day their babies would go to school all day. I don’t get it! Yes, I cried when... Read more »

Camp withdrawal

Camp is over and no, the 4 and half year old is not the one who is going to have withdrawal, it’s mostly her parents.  Pre school doesn’t start for 4 more weeks. What am I going to do with my Energizer bunny? It’s not like camp was taking care of her boundless energy, but... Read more »

The Ladybug Bash Was A Smash!

The Ladybug Bash Was A Smash!
My Previous Blog It’s been several weeks since the 2nd Annual Ladybug Bash and I’m still receiving rave reviews about the event. I can’t help but beam with pride when folks tell me how much fun they had, how incredibly impressed they were with the venue and décor, how delicious all the sweet and savory... Read more »

Kids and technology

Motherhood has taught me,time and again, that you can never say never. Case in point, I told my husband I would never buy our toddler her own iTouch.  “She’s 2, she can’t have a device that costs over $100.”  Well, Amelia doesn’t have her own iTouch, but uses one of our old iPhones to watch her... Read more »

First Halloween, now Valentine's Day?

You know how I told you that I hated Halloween until my daughter started getting into it? Well, I don’t despise Valentine’s Day as much, but I’ve never been a fan either.  Well, guess who emailed the pre school teachers to find out what Valentine’s treats Amelia could bring to school tomorrow? Yep, yours truly. ... Read more »

Tattooed grandma

I don’t have any tattoos. I can appreciate their beauty, but the paiful process and the permanent result are just not for me. Plus I have to admit that I grew up in a household where people with tattoos were considered rebels.  If a friend of mine got a tattoo  my parents would often say... Read more »

Honored at Wrigley Field: Home of Chicago Cubs

From left to right: Steve, Me, Mom & Grandpa
My Previous Post > “GM Our Town, Our Heroes: Escalade Hybrid the Lap of Luxury” I nearly fell off the couch when I read the email: Chevrolet Invites You to a Chicago Cubs Game To thank you for being a Hero, we would also like to honor your good work by recognizing you on the field…... Read more »

Snowmaggedon - Chicago's 2011 Blizzard

I know we are all sick of the snow, but I would be remised if I did not utilize today’s entry, the day after Chicago‘s 2011 Blizzard, to feature some snow pictures.    The news, especially WGN-TV (gotta love Tom Skilling who called the magnitude of this blizzard a week ago) did a great job with... Read more »

The Target bag

It was a constant battle between us from the moment I married her son. I couldn’t tell my mother in law Adrian I liked something because she would have 5 of them for me during our next visit. It was great when it was a toaster oven her son didn’t want to get for us,... Read more »