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The Chicago Children's Museum and Pump It Up

Atia loves scooting around in this little car - 2 y/o.
Last Week’s Blog > “Security Check: TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule, Broken” When my friend Tiffany visited in June (2010) with her two young children, we were looking for ways to entertain the kids. Since Atia was feeling remarkably well that month and her immune system was somewhat strong, I felt encouraged to check out some of... Read more »

Children's birthday parties

Went a little bigger at our community room with friends her own age.
When I didn’t have a child, I cringed at the thought of being invited to a kid’s birthday party. My girlfriends understood, even the ones who picked me as their daughters’ godmother, and they spared me the invitations to Chuck-E-Cheese, Pump it Up or My Little Gym. My dislike lasted even after Amelia was born.... Read more »