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Cultural courage is the key to love

I’m not one to write about the “success” of my 10 year marriage. I think as soon as you start flaunting what makes your relationship works, you jinx it, especially when you work in an industry like mine. Like everyone else’s marriage,  mine is a constant work in progress. I’ve always said it’s hard work,... Read more »

NATO summit & the city kid

Amelia made her stage debut "helping" me with the reading of "A Very Quiet Cricket" during a book drive benefiting Open Books. After that, we watched "A Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar". Great show for toddlers who love Eric Carle books. At Victory Gardens Biograph through May 27th.
“After tomorrow the NATO ends and we can all go back to our places. We can all be happy.” Amelia, 4 yrs old This is what  my daughter told me at bed time last night after three days of seeing her life inconvenienced by the NATO summit taking place in Chicago.  We live in the neighborhood... Read more »

Attention, attention

I’m determined to have my child speak Spanish.  As many of you know, I’m making every possible effort to make sure that Amelia is fully bilingual.  But it’s not just because being bilingual has plenty of advantages, but also because Spanish is my first language. I was born and raised speaking Spanish on a Spanish... Read more »

Happy Anniversary Chicago

My family is going through a bit of a rough patch. Mami and Papi are both facing treatable yet no less scary health issues. So you can imagine that when I saw 3 missed calls from my mother on Friday afternoon, I was dreading to call back. “Mami, what happened?” “Do you realize that 15... Read more »

Is it ever the right time to become a Mom?

Nina is on vacation this week.  Her friend Alejandra Adán is our guest blogger. She lives in New York City and is the Co-Founder and Program Director of a dual-language preschool on the Upper West Side. Alejandra tackles the big question in today’s post: Is there ever a right time to  become a Mom? This... Read more »

Can You MacGiver That?

For some reason I can make an excellent Thai shrimp curry, perfectly grill a salmon, and even host from baby showers to Super Bowl Parties but I have zero mechanical-building skills.  We need to install a new ceiling fan in the kids’ room or Let’s build a new deck!  That is usually me, talking in plural, as... Read more »

Drinking Water out of a Hose

Growing up in a tropical island was a lot of fun.  We went to the beach, the pool and we played outside all year long.  I loved rainy days because we could play outside in the rain, get completely wet and muddy and the best part was that my parents were actually OK with it... Read more »

My Father the Hero

My Father the Hero
Growing up I was very close to my Dad.  He was always a lot of fun; we went to the beach together, Chuck E. Cheese, the movies and to eat ice cream at the Howard Johnson’s in el Condado.  He took my sister, Lisa, and I to Disney World for the first time when I... Read more »

I'm a "Titi"!!!

My family is slowly taking over all the holidays. I have already blogged about how both my grandfather’s death and our signing the paperwork to pursue Dylan’s adoption happened on Valentine’s Day and how my grandmother passed away on New Years’ Day. Now my brother – whose birthday falls on Groundhog’s Day – has welcomed... Read more »

Finally, a GOOD vacation!

Icacos beach, PR
As you might remember, the last time that Dylan spent time with my family, he was NOT on his best behavior. Tantrums, sleepless nights, general grumpiness…the boy definitely made us re-think taking him on any more trips for a long time to come! However, before we even decided to go to Disney World, we had... Read more »