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You must do it the second time around

Photo by Julia Franzosa
I call this baby the Costco/hand me down child. For our first born, we wanted everything and it all had to be new. Our family and friends were extremely generous and our daughter ended up with a brand spanking arsenal of baby equipment, accessories, and let’s be real, crap that she stopped using within months.... Read more »

That boy is not going to like me

She clearly stated she wanted a boy because she liked to tickle boys, (I know, that statement alone should worry me), yet when we told our five year old daughter she was having a brother, she literally colapsed in tears. “Why? Why do you have a boy in there? I wanted a sister. Why can’t... Read more »

I'm a "Titi"!!!

My family is slowly taking over all the holidays. I have already blogged about how both my grandfather’s death and our signing the paperwork to pursue Dylan’s adoption happened on Valentine’s Day and how my grandmother passed away on New Years’ Day. Now my brother – whose birthday falls on Groundhog’s Day – has welcomed... Read more »

Giuliana Rancic From E! News on Ay, Mama!'s Radio Show

At The Rally for Kids with Cancer event in Chicago
My previous blog > “The Tides Changed: From Health to Hospital” The ladies of Ay, Mama! had the most amazing night! We interviewed Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of E! News and Fashion Police, co-star of the Giuliana and Bill show and co-author of “I Do, Now What?” She was absolutely magnificent – so interesting, sweet and... Read more »

How Do You Know That 'You're Done'?

Done with what you ask…having kids.  It’s funny.  As soon as you get married, people want to know when you are going to start having kids.  Then you have your first baby and people immediately want to know when you are going to have your second one.  And if you have two boys [or two... Read more »


Everyone has heard a version of this story. Maybe it happened to a friend of a friend. Or a cousin’s neighbor’s niece. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has heard of someone who adopted a child and shortly afterward became pregnant (often with twins). So I wasn’t surprised that from the moment I arrived home... Read more »

The Corporate Traveler's Wife

It's a girl! The color pink has taken over our house. Decorating the nursery was so much fun.  Michael actually made the final color selection, but he keeps trying to convince me that girls can wear colors other than pink. Keep working on that one, Hon!
Last Week’s Blog: “A Backyard Full of Luck” Today, my best friend for the last 21 years has agreed to share her story. Angi and I have been through everything together – the awkward days of junior high, show choir camp and acting in the community theatre¬†during our¬†high school days, rooming together in college –... Read more »

My Marathon Journey to Motherhood

I was married at age 23, but did not become a mom until I was 38 years old. It’s not that I did not think about having children, I did.  I thought about it all of the time, but I was afraid.  I was scared to have kids so I just kept putting it off…for about... Read more »

What, Haven't You Ever Seen The Ass of a Pregnant Woman Before?

With those words, I announced to Scott that we were finally going to procreate. I am, and will always be, a class act (at least to my husband, and that is really all that matters). This week of Mothers Day, the ladies of “Ay, Mama!” are dedicating our blogs to different facets of motherhood. I... Read more »

How Weight Watchers Helped Me

During my first pregnancy I developed Gestational Diabetes, which happened to be a true blessing in disguise, since I ended up gaining less than eighteen pounds with Lucia.  I had to follow a very strict diet.  No fruits.  No breads.  No rice.  And absolutely no chocolate.  It was HELL.  My daughter was born and between... Read more »