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My Father the Hero

My Father the Hero
Growing up I was very close to my Dad.  He was always a lot of fun; we went to the beach together, Chuck E. Cheese, the movies and to eat ice cream at the Howard Johnson’s in el Condado.  He took my sister, Lisa, and I to Disney World for the first time when I... Read more »

Puerto Rico Vacation (Part 1)

4 generations
It was 3:00 am on the first day of the new year.  Finally, after all the anticipation, it was time for us to go back to the island.  The kids were ecstatic and, to tell you the truth, so was I.  I was ready for a nice break from the cold Winter and although going... Read more »

Bittersweet Memories

The last time we were all together.
If you’ve been reading my entries for the last six months or so, by now you should be aware that I usually link my articles with a recipe.  It is very much like the book “Like Water for Chocolate” without the sex parts, since this is a very PG blog!  Well, just the other day... Read more »