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"Go Away, Mama!"

I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. No, it’s not because I’ve been unusually strict and now Dylan is mad at me. It’s not because I don’t let him have any “alone” time. It’s because Bill has been traveling a lot for the past month, and when he gets back into town Dylan wants absolutely... Read more »

Encouragement, Not Judgement

I saw my good friend in the Target parking lot last week. Her 3 year old and youngest (of 3 boys) was having a fit. We’ve all been there. He was yelling, kicking and screaming. Of course, this is when she would run into a friend, but at least it was just me. She looked... Read more »

What, Me Worry? (thank you Mad!)

We parents fret. We stew. Worry. We have the ability to see events three steps into the future-and worry over that. Apparently, it never ends, as I have asked parents with grown children about this, and they all say they still worry about their adult ‘babies’.  This should be official welcome into parenthood: “Congratulations on your... Read more »

Will It Get Easier?!

My Mother-In-Law Joan has the perfect quote about parenthood her own Mom used to say: “It doesn’t get easier, it just changes.”  She first said this to me during their visit when our new baby was 3 weeks old. I was fighting a 102 fever from mastitis, was still in agony from that birth, and had... Read more »

You Are NOT A Bad Mom!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a mom say, “oh, I am such a bad Mom”, I would be loaded. Usually the conversation involves the mom in question saying they let their kid have candy before bed time, or they were all out with friends and went to bed SO late.... Read more »

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

“All grownups are pirates”  Rufio from the movie “Hook” The day we moved to the new house Lucia and Joaquin discovered the movie “Hook”; Robin Williams’ Peter Pan version.  They were literally hooked on “Hook”.  It was great for us, since we needed to do so much stuff around the house; at least the kids... Read more »

Discovering Dr. Seuss

I have always been a reader. One of my earliest memories is going to Story Time at a local bookstore with my Kindergarten class, then being told by the teacher that we could each choose one book to keep. Most of my classmates chose thin, popular books (like those Disney ones that came with the... Read more »

Mr. Independence

A few weeks ago, I went in to put Dylan down for his nap. The moment we entered his room, he jumped into his bed, grabbed his blankie and pacifier, covered himself with the blanket, looked at me and said “Bye bye.”   What?!   “You don’t want Mami to put you down?”   “Adios,”... Read more »

What To Really Expect

My good friend Lisa Honcharuk will be writing for me today. Lisa is a constant source of amusement to me; I swear, everyone needs a friend like Lisa. She will always stand by you and tell you just like it is. Ok, so who didn’t go out within the first few weeks of being pregnant to purchase... Read more »

One Thing At A Time, Please...

You just start getting serious with a guy and someone will invariably ask, “So, when are you two getting married?” I called to tell a friend that I just got engaged (finally) and they asked, “Oooh, when’s the date?” (well, since this JUST happened, that has yet to be worked out…) It’s your wedding day.... Read more »