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Arroz con Ketchup

Dear readers, I am off for a little weekend adventure which I will tell you all about next Sunday. In the meantime, I am reposting one of my favorite Ay, Mama! posts of all times. Enjoy! ————————————————————–     Growing up, I knew a lot of people who put ketchup in just about everything they... Read more »

I'm Mom Enough

Did you see the cover of “Time” magazine last week, with the picture of a toddler standing on a stool to breast feed? I give them credit, it was a good marketing ploy as every news outlet was discussing the cover, and now even me. This mother, her son, and the doctors leading this parenting style also made the talk show circuit,... Read more »

Life Without a Computer or Cell Phone

I say this frequently, but today, it is really hitting home…what did we do before cell phones and the internet? How did people meet up at large events? “Let’s all meet at 7:15 at…” What if you got lost!?  You asked at a gas station (if you’re female). What if you have a bet going? “John Cusack’s... Read more »


Scrolling through pictures/video and I came across some of the boys’ documented outings. They do their fair share of nothing, and we could up their participation in team sports (if only that didn’t involve so much parental participation outside of the home), but the boys are active enough. And when there’s no rain or snow... Read more »

The No-Parents Zone

When I was a little girl, I used to go up to my mom, hold up both my hands and say “Mami, why don’t you and Papi go out of town for this many days?” It wasn’t that I didn’t love my parents – of course I did. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy spending... Read more »

Who Will Nurse the Nurse???

It’s been a rough week in our house. First off, of course, was trying to get everything back in order after having our floors refinished last weekend. Thank goodness our nephews were staying with us, because they were able to watch Dylan while Bill and I cleaned the dust off all the walls, floors, cabinets,... Read more »

I Want My House Back!

A few weeks ago, I was doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a puddle in the breakfast room. Oh, no, I thought, Aimee had an accident again. Then I looked closer at the puddle. It was awfully big. In fact, it was GROWING.... Read more »

I'm a "Titi"!!!

My family is slowly taking over all the holidays. I have already blogged about how both my grandfather’s death and our signing the paperwork to pursue Dylan’s adoption happened on Valentine’s Day and how my grandmother passed away on New Years’ Day. Now my brother – whose birthday falls on Groundhog’s Day – has welcomed... Read more »

"I Want That!"

Remember back in December, when I was singing the praises of my non-materialistic boy who didn’t want any presents for Christmas? Well, forget it. Just in time for his fourth birthday, Dylan has developed a bad case of the “I wants.” It started innocently enough. Dylan and I would be at the store, when suddenly... Read more »

Busy Boy

Once naptime goes out the window, it’s amazing how many hours there remain in the day to keep a little boy entertained. My son is not one to go quietly to a corner and play with his toys by himself. He demands company and active participation. His preferred method of play involves running, roughhousing and... Read more »