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Popular Chicago Blogger and Reality TV Star Team Up to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

My Previous Blog > “Spunk and Pizzazz” Exciting News! Today, a feature article was published about Atia’s Project Ladybug fund and the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer campaign. Check it out! Read Article I’m so excited to be teaming up with Dina Manzo and Project Ladybug.   My Next Blog > “The Tides Changed:... Read more »

Project Ladybug in Atia's Name and Oprah!

My Previous Blog > “Through Her Hair, I Saw Survival” Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? It’s especially meaningful to me, since as you know Atia is being treated for ALL leukemia. So, I wanted to tell you about two very exciting things that are happening at this very moment —... Read more »

The "Stay-At-Home-Mother"

Before I had kids, I remember thinking about the stay-at-home-mothers; what do they do all day?  Babies sleep, eat and poop; what else is there to do with the rest of the time?  I imagined it would be something like this:  Wake up.  Feed the kid.Watch Oprah and The View.  Feed the kid.  Eat chocolates. ... Read more »

Just Drive!

She was turning left at a 6-way intersection. A lit cigarette dangling in one hand alongside her cup of coffee. Her other hand held her phone up to her ear. She turned using her bent elbow to steer. I followed her progress in my rear view mirror in case I needed to provide the police a... Read more »