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My Hometown

You’ll soon know why I asked my friend Randy Southern to write today. He has some powerful stories to tell. Our town may never recover from his move, but a new life with his amazing new wife Holly has made it bearable for us to say bye.  Once a place touches you like this, the... Read more »

Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol-Mt Prospect's Viewing Party!

Look at the sign!!!
When I sat down to watch the start of my 8th American Idol season, during the cold snows of January, I thought to myself the exact thing I think every year. “I am SO excited to see who we find this year.” Followed by: “I cannot wait for the finale because then it will be... Read more »

American Idol Lee DeWyze 's Hometown Visit (Part 2)

8 AM It begins with a news helicopter hovering at our house.  8:30AM Watch Lee on the news do a decent job of weather reporting. “It’s pleasant, but Monday- look out!”  t 9 AM: drop off at school, it was a sea of neon green (I have now dubbed it hi lighter)  9:15 AM: Went downtown to see if... Read more »

American Idol Lee DeWyze 's Hometown Visit (Part 1)

**Special Bulletin**  This is a 2-Parter blog entry!  Really, at this point, did you honestly think there was anything else going on in my world right now? Yesterday was my birthday (would you believe I was 35 (again)?), it’s our town’s annual Village Wide Garage Sale weekend, I had tickets to a Cubs game (which we grudgingly... Read more »

American Idol's Lee DeWyze and Mount Prospect! Take 2!

Mount Prospect has gone neon. I believe that from space you can see a bright green mass, just NW of Chicago, every Tuesday as we all don our Neon green “Vote for Lee” T-Shirts.  Add in some American Idol Cookies. Signs. Bracelets. More signs. Plus, the viewing Parties (I hit THREE for you this week), and... Read more »

Our Very Own American Idol

I have a cold. For me, that means I get kinda spacey. Coming up with something to write this week seemed such a daunting task. Good ideas would pop up, but nothing I could really nail down, until I realized that I kept drifting back to the same topic: how totally awesome Lee DeWyze was... Read more »