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Words to live by

“I couldn’t be married to a woman who was more successful than me,” said my father right in front of my mother and me. He didn’t say it with pride, after all, he helped raise a successful daughter. He was talking about this fact as a shortcoming. One that my mother, who was a school... Read more »

Friend Me!- The Dangers of Teens and Digital Media

For personal reasons, the author today would like to remain unknown, but we both felt that this message needs to be out there. I am thankful to have a forum for this parent to share their travails with kids and digital media. Should parents ‘spy’ on their childs’ pages? This parent has witnessed cyber-bullying and amazingly... Read more »

Commercial will stop parents from texting and driving

I signed the Oprah pledge but I still do it. I text on a red light. I read my texts while on the highway and to add insult to injury, if I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll check Twitter and Facebook.  But yesterday I saw something that smacked me in the face.  Click here to see... Read more »

Pulling the Facebook Plug

Around four years ago, I joined the very popular online social platform, Facebook.  I remember my brother-in-law, Hansel, saying to me be careful, it is addictive.  As soon as I opened my Facebook page within one day I had over fifty friends.  I loved it.  I started posting pictures of my new baby, Lucia, and I also... Read more »

Motherhood and Twitter

I’ve been following a friend on Twitter as she navigates the first weeks of motherhood.  She tweets at all hours because her adorable newborn is up at all hours.  For some reason, I can’t stop reading and many times replying to her tweets.  What’s even more strange is that Erin and I have met in... Read more »

Building Friendships for Life

Growing up I remember having a lot of friends; most of them were my neighbors and kids from school.  Shortly after my parents divorced, my Mother, sister and I moved to Seville, Spain; where I lived for four years of my young life.  I still remember bits and pieces of the friends that I made... Read more »

Popular Chicago Blogger and Reality TV Star Team Up to Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

My Previous Blog > “Spunk and Pizzazz” Exciting News! Today, a feature article was published about Atia’s Project Ladybug fund and the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer campaign. Check it out! Read Article I’m so excited to be teaming up with Dina Manzo and Project Ladybug.   My Next Blog > “The Tides Changed:... Read more »

Project Ladybug in Atia's Name and Oprah!

My Previous Blog > “Through Her Hair, I Saw Survival” Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? It’s especially meaningful to me, since as you know Atia is being treated for ALL leukemia. So, I wanted to tell you about two very exciting things that are happening at this very moment —... Read more »

In Isolation: No Visitors Allowed!

My sister, Julie, and my dad at my wedding six years ago.
My Previous Blog > “Giuliana Rancic From E! News on Ay, Mama!’s Radio Show” One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Two can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one. — “One” by Three Dog Night Last January, with a temperature of 103.4 and a low white... Read more »

Our Radio Show: Music with Lindsay Weinberg and the Kid Factor

We’ve moved times! You can find us every other Thursday at 7:00PM CST. Tonight we were joined by Lindsay Weinberg, a Wiggleworms teacher and brilliant singer/songwriter. We talked about the importance of music in children’s lives. Lindsay’s amazing and provided some great insight; we really enjoyed having her. In our Hot Topic segment, we discussed friendship and the kid factor... Read more »