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Super Bears! Super Bowl?

There is only one thing on our minds in the midwest. OK yes, we note the weather (but not the wind chill) and the start of another American Idol season with it’s new judges (Steven Tyler had me cracking up- he loves the ladies and can hardly contain himself NOT being the one singing. Watching... Read more »

Bears Fever! Watch Out...It's Contagious!

What a great week to be a Chicago Bears Fan!  The build up to Sunday’s game is amazing.  Everywhere you look, people are wearing their Bears gear.  Plus, the media has done a great job with coverage, helping to build up the excitement.  It’s Bears fever here in Chicago and in our house, but it... Read more »

Football Mania

Football season is upon us once again. Yay. Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm, but I am not a fan. Football season means I cannot make plans with my husband on Sundays unless there is a television involved somewhere. It means he will spend countless hours sitting at the laptop looking at his fantasy football scores.... Read more »