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I hate it! I hate it!! I HATE IT!!!

I hate puberty and the stinky hormones it rode in on. I have to focus my anger at this necessary phase in life because if I don’t, I’ll start tossing cars at my son and any girl who fits the definition of a teenager and even smiles at or waves her fingers his way. I’ve... Read more »


Scrolling through pictures/video and I came across some of the boys’ documented outings. They do their fair share of nothing, and we could up their participation in team sports (if only that didn’t involve so much parental participation outside of the home), but the boys are active enough. And when there’s no rain or snow... Read more »

The Man Weekend

Last weekend, all the Kubal men embarked on a little getaway to Apple Canyon. Early last Friday morning Bill, his dad, his brother Mike, our nephews Justin and Jack, and of course, Dylan, stuffed three cars full of supplies, snacks and bags and headed off for three days of golf, fishing, and hanging out in... Read more »


Last Saturday’s blog > OUR LAST-MINUTE SPRING BREAK/BROKE It’s family game night.  This is not a weekly event. But we’ve dodged each other long enough – so it’s family game night.  Game of choice: CONNECT 4×4. It’s just like Connect 4, but there’s an extra grid and up to 4 people at a time can play.... Read more »


Spring Break 2011 for the boys, Genesis (12) and Noah (9). We’ve known this week was coming since… at least September 2010.  And while we never planned to fulfill Noah’s travel plans: NOAH: “Mom, I think we should go to Asia for Spring Break”  ME: “Little boy, what kind of life do you think we’re... Read more »


I’m pretty clear that I’m a boy mom. I think boys are cool (and stinky and odd) and a lot less maintenance than girls. My boys are 12 (Genesis) and 9 (Noah) years old.  I think they are cool (and stinky and odd) and beautiful and I can’t wait to see them as men.  But... Read more »