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A “How To” Construction & Truck Birthday Party

A “How To” Construction & Truck Birthday Party
My Previous Blog This weekend we hosted our son Asher’s 3rd Birthday Party. Our little guy is not only the second born, but all his life has been forced to concede to his sister’s needs (as Atia battled cancer during the first two years of his life); something we’ve always felt guilty about. We didn’t... Read more »

A "How To" Hello Kitty Birthday Party

 My Previous Blog Atia’s latest obsession is Hello Kitty. She has loads of paraphernalia boasting the white cat’s expressionless face – shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters, socks, panties, purses, hair accessories, nail polish, lip glosses, jewelry, pillows, a comforter and a sleeping bag. I’m actually quite surprised her interest in this character hasn’t waned; it’s truly... Read more »

My Baby Becomes A Toddler

Well, it’s official…I am no longer in the baby stage.  My youngest Cole just turned two and I am so sad.  The last two years went by so fast and my baby is now a toddler.   When I had Cooper, my four-year-old, I remember enjoying every moment, every milestone and making time to take... Read more »

The Pendulum Swings

It was so nice for everyone to come out in the dead of winter to help us celebrate our mom's birthday. She deserved it!!
My Previous Blog > “In Isolation: No Visitors Allowed!”  In January, Atia was released from the hospital after a brief three day stay. A few days later, she had a home blood draw and I prayed that her counts were high enough to resume chemo. Luckily, they were and she did. Seven days after she had... Read more »