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So long

Today I say good bye to our Ay Mama! readers who have been with us on Chicago Now for the last 5 years. Life has gotten very busy with two children and a full time job. I never thought I would say this, but I don’t have the time to write a weekly post and... Read more »

Back to work

To quote famous South Side philosopher and friend Robin Baumgarten: “Maternity leave is great, except for the taking care of the kids part.” I’m 4 days or as my 5 year old says “3 wake ups” from going back to work. Precisely the “wake ups” are my biggest fear. It’s not the same to feed... Read more »

She hates him

She doesn’t really hate him but my five year old daughter was very vocal about the alleged lack of attention due to her newborn brother. It shouldn’t shock you that our child is extremely eloquent (yes, she won’t shut up) so the first 2 weeks the complaints, the sassiness, the defiance was constant. And if... Read more »


My blog silence has a name, Alexander Thomas Vihon. He was born March 22nd at 3:35AM, just in time to have his picture on the air on WGN Morning News an hour after his arrival. I am happy to report that labor and delivery were as peaceful and easy as promised by my wonderful Dr.... Read more »

Words to live by

“I couldn’t be married to a woman who was more successful than me,” said my father right in front of my mother and me. He didn’t say it with pride, after all, he helped raise a successful daughter. He was talking about this fact as a shortcoming. One that my mother, who was a school... Read more »

You must do it the second time around

Photo by Julia Franzosa
I call this baby the Costco/hand me down child. For our first born, we wanted everything and it all had to be new. Our family and friends were extremely generous and our daughter ended up with a brand spanking arsenal of baby equipment, accessories, and let’s be real, crap that she stopped using within months.... Read more »

That boy is not going to like me

She clearly stated she wanted a boy because she liked to tickle boys, (I know, that statement alone should worry me), yet when we told our five year old daughter she was having a brother, she literally colapsed in tears. “Why? Why do you have a boy in there? I wanted a sister. Why can’t... Read more »

A pregnant Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for: 1) Elastic waistband: I’ve popped earlier than with my first pregnancy so by 14 weeks, my bottom half was clamoring for maternity pants. If you ask me, even the skinny girls would love jeans with an elastic waistband. I’ll make it my mission to make them popular after I... Read more »

Pregnant brain

We arrived early for our date night reservation. Excited to have dinner alone at Autre Monde, an Italian restaurant in Berwyn, yes, Berwyn, that has gotten fabulous reviews (and rightly so, but that’s another story). “Belaval for 2 at 7:30PM” I said. The hostess took a look at her list. “Could it be under another... Read more »

Breaking the cycle at Disney

You know how there are things about your upbringing you don’t want to repeat with you own offspring? Thankfully, I don’t have many of those. I’m not that traumatized because I don’t know how to ride a bike or roller skate. But my parents disdain for Disney World or for any child friendly activity is... Read more »