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10 years ago...

I absolutely remember where I was and what I was doing the day the World Trade Center was attacked and America fell. I was 9 months pregnant and less than an hour away from the madness that was unfolding. I was sitting in my Nana & Papa’s house watching Good Morning America when the Charlie... Read more »

Where Were You on 9/11/01?

Kennedy getting shot. The moon landing. Pearl Harbor. The events of a generation solidified into our cultural psyche. Which we all experience as a nation. A whole. Growing up, I remember hearing the conversations amongst my family and their friends about where they were on ‘that day’, and they were always fascinating. My generation (X) never had one of those... Read more »

What a Scare ! - Part 2

As you know from last week’s post, after a night of fun in our bounce house, Dylan woke up complaining of pain in his leg and refusing to walk on it. Since he had shown no signs of an injury the previous evening, I had no idea what could be the matter with him. Terrified... Read more »

What a scare! - Part 1

Last Sunday, we invited our friends Maria and Denis over for dinner. Their son, Juan Pablo, is one of Dylan’s best friends, and the two of them had a grand old time running around all over the place and jumping for hours on end on the bounce house we set up on the backyard. Every once... Read more »