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Scrolling through pictures/video and I came across some of the boys’ documented outings. They do their fair share of nothing, and we could up their participation in team sports (if only that didn’t involve so much parental participation outside of the home), but the boys are active enough. And when there’s no rain or snow... Read more »

Creating a New Game

My husband Scott has a knack for making up things.  Our large chrome coffee maker is The Caffeinator: Rise of the Machine. His two award-winning chilies (he won back-to-back competitions) are Sunburned Zebra (black & white beans) and Paloma Blanca- (chicken & white beans). When his mom gets on a talking roll on the phone,... Read more »

Football Mania

Football season is upon us once again. Yay. Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm, but I am not a fan. Football season means I cannot make plans with my husband on Sundays unless there is a television involved somewhere. It means he will spend countless hours sitting at the laptop looking at his fantasy football scores.... Read more »