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They Grow Up So Fast

Picture your overly perfumed aunt (no, not you, Leonard) pinching your teenaged, acne-speckled cheek and telling you: “Oh! You are growing up so fast!” For me it was never fast enough. Perhaps being the youngest of 5 girls, I felt that I was ready for college by sophomore year in high school. I couldn’t grow... Read more »

North By Northwest Suburbs

The ladies of Ay, Mama! just celebrated our 3rd anniversary of writing our blog together. I thought as a lark, I would re-run my very first ever blog entry. Who knew what a long and strange journey we were in for together. Friendships have been forged, and we’ve journeyed  from Lee DeWyze and American Idol... Read more »

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

Last week, Scott had a cold. Nothing major. He said he was SWC, which in his world of acronyms, means Struggling With Congestion. I know. He got off easy. Flash forward to Sunday, and I start coughing and not feeling right. Great, I think. I had bronchitis for Lollapalooza and my Dad’s visit in August.... Read more »

Slipping Away - Making Peace With the Silence of Alzheimer's

Slipping Away - Making Peace With the Silence of Alzheimer's
I asked my good friend Amy Olson, if she would share her experiences with her mother’s struggle with Alzheimers Disease. Watching how Amy copes, and witnessing her mother’s deteriorating mental health has been life altering for me. Last summer at the pool, Judy shared stories with us. She said that her Dad works at the... Read more »

Parent Awards

I think it would be hilarious to have parenting awards. Parents deserve an award to commemorate all the crap they have to sift through (which can be knee deep at times). 9 times out of 10, my kids are hilarious to me. I have been especially amused by watching how they move through social situations.... Read more »

More Sex And the Mommy

I am still giggling over the comments my little Sex Blog received last week. So much so, I joked that I should do a sex advice column, but then, what does some vanilla mom from the burbs really know? In my opinion, our culture concentrates way to much on violence and not enough on sex (not porn,... Read more »

Pillow Therapy

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I dated a boy. I refer to him as the “What was I thinking?” guy, mainly because he was such bad news, but honestly, we all need to date ‘that guy’ to know what can go really really wrong in a relationship. My poor mother may have... Read more »

The Beauty of Gray-or-Surviving the Post-Election World

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.- Voltaire (who I should probably read someday) Isn’t that what is so amazing about America? You are allowed to feel one way and I am free to feel another. We can, in no way, see eye to eye, and that’s ok. This... Read more »

"I'm Such a Bad Mom"

"I'm Such a Bad Mom"
It’s time again for a Pet Peeve Rant, ladies and gentlemen. Ever since I became a mom, I frequently hear other moms saying, “Oh, I’m such a bad mom for…” whatever. Usually it is the most minor of infractions, to which I always respond, “That doesn’t make you a bad mom.” I usually get some... Read more »

My Eating Hand

We all have our quirks. If someone tells you they don’t, they are either covering it up or in the throes of denial. I always loved Robin Williams’ line in ‘Good WIll Hunting” where you look for someone ‘you can let into your weird little world’. Personally, I have OCD issues , but conversely, being... Read more »