Category: Illness

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

Last week, Scott had a cold. Nothing major. He said he was SWC, which in his world of acronyms, means Struggling With Congestion. I know. He got off easy. Flash forward to Sunday, and I start coughing and not feeling right. Great, I think. I had bronchitis for Lollapalooza and my Dad’s visit in August.... Read more »

Mom's Day Out, Geneva Style

I have spent every single day the kids have been in school within a half hour radius of that school. Until this past Monday… Three moms piled into a car and drove to one’s hometown of Geneva, IL. What a cute community. Nice streets lined with lots and lots of  shops and restaurants. Perfect for an... Read more »

PVCs- Not Just for Plumbing

Recently, I visited one of my favorite people, Kate. She had broken her hip and was recouping at home, so I played the italian friend and brought lasagna. We got to talking and basically, we laughed over the irony that I write a blog, as I am a relatively private person (she really should be a... Read more »

The Mystery Illness

The great comedic writer Erma Bombeck once wrote that her husband thought she should have come with a “Buyer Beware” sticker on her forehead because as soon as they got married she fell apart. Whenever I read that line I have to smile, because I am sure Bill feels exactly the same way as Erma’s... Read more »

Who Will Nurse the Nurse???

It’s been a rough week in our house. First off, of course, was trying to get everything back in order after having our floors refinished last weekend. Thank goodness our nephews were staying with us, because they were able to watch Dylan while Bill and I cleaned the dust off all the walls, floors, cabinets,... Read more »