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The Mystery Illness

The great comedic writer Erma Bombeck once wrote that her husband thought she should have come with a “Buyer Beware” sticker on her forehead because as soon as they got married she fell apart. Whenever I read that line I have to smile, because I am sure Bill feels exactly the same way as Erma’s... Read more »

The Wolverine Strikes Again

As you might remember, when I posted about Dylan’s emergency room visit and mystery injury, I hypothesized that the explanation for his rapid healing must be that he has some type of Wolverine-like mutant gene. Well, here is even more reason to prove this theory true…   This summer, we noticed Dylan’s right thumb was... Read more »

What a Scare ! - Part 2

As you know from last week’s post, after a night of fun in our bounce house, Dylan woke up complaining of pain in his leg and refusing to walk on it. Since he had shown no signs of an injury the previous evening, I had no idea what could be the matter with him. Terrified... Read more »

What a scare! - Part 1

Last Sunday, we invited our friends Maria and Denis over for dinner. Their son, Juan Pablo, is one of Dylan’s best friends, and the two of them had a grand old time running around all over the place and jumping for hours on end on the bounce house we set up on the backyard. Every once... Read more »

SQUISHED! I Was Soooo Squished

Last Week’s Blog > “Back In The Hospital” The hospital stay was necessary for Atia’s health, but it was exhausting for me. Since Atia was neutrapenic, having almost no immune system, we were in isolation. Per hospital regulations, no visitors were allowed. I never left Atia’s side. I was with her day and night. Steve... Read more »

Back In The Hospital

Last Week’s Blog > “Delayed Intensification” As the Delayed Intensification phase continued, timing became critical. Being the obsessive planner that I am, I had mapped out exactly when Atia’s fourth treatment phase would end – October 16th – 42 days after it had begun.  I was in my last six weeks of pregnancy (due November... Read more »

Comer Children's Hospital at The University of Chicago

Last Week’s Blog > “In The Meantime, I’m Pregnant” A week and a half after Atia took those monumental first steps in the hospital playroom, she completed the 1st phase of treatment called “Induction.” Up to that point, she had been receiving chemo for 28 days straight. That prompted an 8-day break; time her body... Read more »