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A New Tradition

A New Tradition
I have been a big fan of the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend. I even won last year for my 25 year old sweatshirt that has Tweety Bird on it and says “Fa Wa Wa Wa Waaa.” Good stuff. Christmas sweaters were always bordering on ugly anyway, even when tastefully done, but now that we are... Read more »

Who IS This Good King Wenceslas Anyway?

I wrote this right before I got Scott’s email with his Christmas carol rant. He wants to hear more religious songs around the holiday, and since I hear about it annually, it was time to share what I get an earful of. I apologize for the late timing of this blog. I was going to... Read more »

Sounds of the Season

Last week, I asked my husband Scott to write a paragraph for my blog about the worst Christmas songs. Well, this is what I got back this week, literally the moment I saved the blog I wrote for today. His put mine to shame, so ladies and gents, you’ve read them, you love them-without any further ado, a... Read more »

The Worst Christmas Carols Ever!

I love Christmas Carols, as the music can just be amazing. When songs evoke memories of childhood, loved ones or Chritsmasses past- that’s some powerful stuff. I love that carols can be religious or secular, serious or whimsical, but also, they can totally suck. Especially when it’s a treasured song being sung horribly- that pisses me off (like when The Jonas Brothers (gag) mutilate... Read more »

'Tis the Season To Be Jolly

Well, ’tis, ’tisn’t it? Last year, I didn’t really enjoy the whole holiday season. I don’t fully know why. The holidays are not an easy time for many people for myriad reasons. Personally, I was annoyed with the weather- we had tornado sirens going off the on the 1st (c’mon!), then it snowed, got frigid out, snowed and then,... Read more »

Happy New Year! ?

Happy New Year!  ?
Since our favorite curmudgeon Andy Rooney retired, we could use a good rant. It’s been awhile, and I typically hand off rants to my husband, Scott, but he’s been too swamped with work. I know he’d probably do this rant better than I, but well, the emotions are just as valid. WTF is up with having Christmas decorations and presents in the... Read more »

"I Want That!"

Remember back in December, when I was singing the praises of my non-materialistic boy who didn’t want any presents for Christmas? Well, forget it. Just in time for his fourth birthday, Dylan has developed a bad case of the “I wants.” It started innocently enough. Dylan and I would be at the store, when suddenly... Read more »

And to all a good night!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa Claus brought you everything your heart desired! As you might remember, on my last post a few weeks ago I wrote about Dylan’s aversion to presents and how I was terrified of his reaction on Christmas morning when he saw all those presents... Read more »

Christmas Service

Randy Southern finishes his two week guest writing stint on Ay, Mama! today.  “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” is playing on the radio. Again. Every Christmas season I’m reminded of how endlessly timely John Lennon’s message of peace is–and how absurdly unimaginative radio programmers are. I know this year marks the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s... Read more »

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly Musically

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly Musically
“Now, bring us some figgy pudding, and bring it right here.  We won’t go until we get some!” Best…holiday…sentiment…EVER! Like fellow blogger Lisa, I am a Christmas music junkie. The only rule I ascribe to it: NEVER before Black Friday nor after January 2nd. Otherwise, it is Holly, Holiday Traditions, Be-Bop Christmas, or “The Light”... Read more »