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They Grow Up So Fast

Picture your overly perfumed aunt (no, not you, Leonard) pinching your teenaged, acne-speckled cheek and telling you: “Oh! You are growing up so fast!” For me it was never fast enough. Perhaps being the youngest of 5 girls, I felt that I was ready for college by sophomore year in high school. I couldn’t grow... Read more »

My Eating Hand

We all have our quirks. If someone tells you they don’t, they are either covering it up or in the throes of denial. I always loved Robin Williams’ line in ‘Good WIll Hunting” where you look for someone ‘you can let into your weird little world’. Personally, I have OCD issues , but conversely, being... Read more »

Happiness is Rancor Shirts and Spiderman Shoes

I was one of those kids who loved playing dress-up. I’d leave the house wearing a Snow White dress and cowboy boots and would spend a happy afternoon shopping with my mom or playing with my friends, oblivious to people’s stares. Even as a teenager, I loved wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 60’s... Read more »

What’s My Deal With Video Games

I love the fact that I have two boys.  I am a tomboy at heart so I enjoy many of the things Cooper and Cole are interested in.  Things like sports, cars, trucks, Star Wars, rock music, etc, but there are other things that boys are into that I just don’t get.  Things like guns,... Read more »

Buzz Off!

Ah, summer. The time for sunshine, outdoor play, bright, beautiful flowers in the yard, and of course, bees. I hate bees. No other creature strikes blind, terrified panic in me like those little buggers (well, maybe cockroaches. The giant flying kind from Puerto Rico). During summer vacation after my freshman year of college, I was... Read more »

The No-Parents Zone

When I was a little girl, I used to go up to my mom, hold up both my hands and say “Mami, why don’t you and Papi go out of town for this many days?” It wasn’t that I didn’t love my parents – of course I did. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy spending... Read more »


Spring Break 2011 for the boys, Genesis (12) and Noah (9). We’ve known this week was coming since… at least September 2010.  And while we never planned to fulfill Noah’s travel plans: NOAH: “Mom, I think we should go to Asia for Spring Break”  ME: “Little boy, what kind of life do you think we’re... Read more »

Happy Easter!

Growing up in Puerto Rico, there were certain things about the United States that truly fascinated me. American high schools, for example…how I longed to walk those clean, giant halls and visit a real school cafeteria (although I never really had a desire to actually EAT the cafeteria food). I wanted to go to a... Read more »

I Want My House Back!

A few weeks ago, I was doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a puddle in the breakfast room. Oh, no, I thought, Aimee had an accident again. Then I looked closer at the puddle. It was awfully big. In fact, it was GROWING.... Read more »

"I Want That!"

Remember back in December, when I was singing the praises of my non-materialistic boy who didn’t want any presents for Christmas? Well, forget it. Just in time for his fourth birthday, Dylan has developed a bad case of the “I wants.” It started innocently enough. Dylan and I would be at the store, when suddenly... Read more »