Monday's Blogger

Until recently, I would immediately describe myself as a Feature Reporter for Chicago's number one Morning Show and an amateur stand up comic. A career woman that has been happily married for 8 years. But as of October 3rd, 2007, I am the clueless mother of a beautiful and energetic girl whose unpredictable nature (like all other toddlers) has thrown Plan A out the window.


Tuesday's Blogger 

Laura is a married mother of two, and a cancer survivor. She is the Director of Atia's Project Ladybug Fund, a childhood cancer advocate, and a GM Our Town, Our Hero winner. In addition to her blog on ChicagoNow, you can find her writing in Chicago Parent Magazine.

After overcoming her own battle with melanoma, and the terrifying odds of survival, life was looking up for her and her husband, Steve, when their daughter, Atia was born. Laura had survived, and their family was expanding. It was everything they'd hoped for. And it all seemed perfect until at 17 months old Atia began presenting some concerning symptoms - namely, an ongoing high fever, lethargy and severe pain while walking. After several ER visits it was discovered that Atia had acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a form of childhood cancer. From that moment on their lives were turned upside down.

Laura has taken to chronicling their journey through this horrific disease. She tells of the extreme lows and most glorious highs, especially when her son Asher was added to the mix. It's definitely been a roller coaster, but certainly one worth riding.


Wednesday's Blogger 

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico...A charming island in the Caribbean (only for vacation!).  After college and a couple of years into grad school, my husband and I decided that it was time for a change of scenery. That's when we decided to move to the Windy City, that is, Chicago.  I decided to give Culinary School a try while my husband was doing his MBA, since cooking and entertaining is my life! Long hours in school while working during the day was our "thing" back then. After lots of working, studying, and partying, we decided to get into the parenthood business...Now, I am happy to say that we are the most-of-the-time-very-happy-parents of Lucia (my VERY independent three year old) and Joaquin (our "gordito" who is now 20 months old) So far, so good...

Thursday's Blogger 

Lisa is a proud member of the Ay Mama! blog team. She also has 20+ years of marketing experience, and is currently working as a Marketing Consultant for a leading international company.

She is the proud mother of two fun-loving and spirited boys, Cooper (5) and Cole (3), but the journey to motherhood was long and full of uncertainty.  She did not 'board the mommy train' until she was 38 and now at 43 Lisa is loving every minute of it and wondering why she did not jump on board sooner.

Her weekly stories regarding antics with Cooper and Cole are funny and relatable for any parent. Everyday Cooper and Cole provide Lisa with laughter, amazement, frustration, mind-numbing exhaustion, and some great stories to share with everyone at Ay Mama!.


Friday's Blogger 

Kelley McCarron is an Emmy Nominated Producer turned stay-at-home Suburban mother of two. On motherhood: "Once you've conducted a business meeting while wrangling a squirmy 2 year old with both feet, wiped, and changed a diaper all at the same time, you can do anything." Now that her kids are older, she is trying to read more, take a few classes, see concerts and snowboard again.


Saturday's Blogger 

I'm the proud mother of 2 wild and beautiful boys. I'm also a story producer (TV/Film etc) who did the bulk of my time in the television news industry. After working in some of the busiest newsrooms in the country I called it quits to work on the family I had produced.  And while my Testosterones have blown my mind in ways I could never imagine, I enjoy being a BOY MOM and am still trying figure out all of the other stuff that comes with the whole package.


Sunday's Blogger