This is the End... and a Beginning

This is the End... and a Beginning

After three and a half fun years of writing for ‘Ay, Mama!’, the moms have decided to call it quits.

I was ready, to tell the truth, and I am so thankful to have had such an unique opportunity. It still saddens me, especially after looking back at all we’ve been through together.

…fuzzy dream segue…

We watched with joy as Lee DeWyze competed and won American Idol. People in our town still talk about how fun that spring was. We got together every Tuesday and Wednesday to watch him perform, cheered at the parade and hometown visit and the party where he won was amazing!

We laughed over incorrect song lyrics and the various meanings of songs and how dirty some of those innocent sounding ones are. I hope you even learned a little about the meanings of some songs like ‘Auld Lang Syne’ or ‘Good King Wenceslas’.

I shared more than I should all of the animal adventures we’ve had, but to me, that’s one of my favorite things about vacations! And I always warn people that they don’t want to go to the Shedd with me, as I’ll always be giving lectures as we go along (I really should have continued my zoology coursework).

Mostly, I’ll miss reading about the lives of my fellow bloggers, having a forum to share ideas, parenting stories, people’s love stories, our favorite things and our pet peeves. I could never have done any of this without all of your help, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my rantings.

Now the looming question remains…what’s next?

Well, it’s time that I let on what I have been working on for the past 18 months. Ay, Mama! kind of tapped into my creative side, and it’s no secret that I have always been an avid reader (usually of the more macabre genre like Stephen King and Clive Barker, or Sci-fi like Vonnegut and Arthur C Clarke). I might as well throw my hat into the ring too.

I’ve been writing a book. (There, I said it!)

It’s not done yet, but it’s close. I have a beginning, middle and an ending. I am editing the second half while having my Mom, sister, mother-in-law, aunt and a few friends reading and giving advice on the first chapters. God knows where this will go, or even if it ever gets published. It’s been a story inside of me that decided it wanted to come out, so I’ve been bringing it forth.

It’s dark, which amuses my husband to no end. We’ll be working on our computers across from each other and I’ll read him a snippet I just wrote and he stares at me, shocked at the depth of my dark side. (It’s deep).

I have been living, dreaming and thinking in this world for so long, I am excited that it will be ready to share soon.

I have Ay, Mama! to thank, actually. I have always loved hearing the “where were you” stories: When Pearl Harbor was bombed or JFK was shot. Suddenly, on September 11, 2001,another generation had its defining moment. It was my blog on 9/11 where I asked readers to share where they were that day that this story got into my head.

A major event occurs in my book, and I take the reader through a roller coaster ride initially as one woman experiences this extinction event, and then later as others recount their own story of where they were to her.

I was to have a different title, and had searched Amazon to assure no one else had taken it. They hadn’t. Until earlier this year when a book was published with my title. I was devastated, as I felt it was the perfect title. Since Sunday, I have scrambled to get another one. Thanks to Scott, Keri, Amy and Amy for helping me keep my head and coming up with suggestions. You all saved me that day.

A teaser line is:

“According to the Bible, it took God six days to create planet Earth; it took eight days to nearly undo all that hard work.”

And the working title is “And on the Ninth Day,”

Here is my ‘jacket blurb’. (Totally hear it in that “In a world…” voice while reading, oh, and pardon my french.)

“It started with the whales.

Then orca, dolphins and even giant squid began beaching themselves in alarming numbers.

Stunned scientists scrambled to determine why these magnificent beasts were reduced to rotting carcasses littering the world’s shorelines.

Three weeks later, humans experienced a similar extinction event, and any scientific findings, hypotheses or revelations were forever lost to the world, locked inside powerless computers and abandoned research notebooks.

The human population was nearly cut in half each day for eight straight days.

As suddenly and inexplicably as it started, the deaths stopped on the ninth day.

The remaining human population was left to discover the next step in a new culture without communication, electricity, and loved ones. Every soul still alive on Day Nine had the same question on their minds: What the fuck now?”

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