Thank You!

I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Ay Mama!, and a big thank you to Ana who gave me this incredible platform each week to express myself.  It was great therapy for me to write my feelings on how I was dealing with being a mom of two amazing, yet energetic boys.

I was able to meet other fabulous moms, who wrote side-by-side with me each week, and learned so much about each of them.  It was a privilege to meet you and an even better honor to call you all my friends.

I also got the chance to hear from our readers who shared with me their stories and words of wisdom when I asked for advice.  It really helped me to know that I was not alone; that what I was experiencing was normal.

So thank you fellow bloggers and readers for having such a great impact on my life, and inviting me into yours.  And an extra special THANK YOU to my brothers and my husband who followed my blog every week and seemed to never miss an entry.  Your support and love means the world to me.

Finally, my biggest thank you is to Coop and Cole.  Without you both, I would not be writing this blog or have the amazing life I have because of you.  I love you both with everything I have and hope one day, if you read my blogs, you are not too embarrassed or mad at me for sharing your adorable photos and funny stories.


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