My Seven-Year Old ‘Teenager’

All of a sudden, my son Cooper is acting like a teenager.  I thought I had years before I had to deal with this, but it’s happening NOW.

He is challenging me on everything, saying NO he will not do things I ask of him and thinks most things we go to do are ‘for babies’ or he is ‘too big’ to participate.  Cooper has told us he wants his own money to buy his things, and he wants to live in his own house where he makes all of the rules.

I feel like we are constantly fighting and everything I say and do is WRONG by him.  When did my seven-year old become a teenager?

I am having a hard enough time facing the fact that Cooper is starting first grade this year and will be gone all day, but now he is pulling away from me already.  I thought I at least had the summer with my ‘baby’.

Any suggestions from veteran moms out there, and please tell me if this normal behavior at this age?

Please HELP!!

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