Goldfish Gets A Gold Star: Part 2


As you learned in my previous post, I’m thrilled with the results from my kids’ swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Now, they beg to go swimming every chance they get. Their lessons have brought them a new-found sense of confidence and freedom, turning them into little goldfish.


Above and beyond the excellent instruction Goldfish Swim School provides, it has another great quality – its facility! From the moment you walk in it feels like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise with the cool blue walls, over-sized palm tree and adorable straw table umbrellas situated throughout the lobby. Everything is light, airy, calming, warm and welcoming. The folks at Goldfish paid attention to every detail, like ensure the kids stayed occupied by providing toys, books and puzzles for the kids to play with as they waited for their class to begin. They also have turtles – Sheldon and Rocky – that Atia and Asher enjoyed visiting.

DSC_0089  DSC_0108

One of my favorite parts about the facility is that one side of the pool is encased in glass creating a spacious viewing area. It offers up plenty of seating, encouraging parents and caregivers to get comfortable and enjoy the “show.” I really enjoyed that aspect; it was fun watching the kids as they progressed step-by-step. As a mother I cherish the opportunity to observe them learning and growing before my very eyes. Plus, it allowed me to take pictures and videotape. What could be better than that?

DSC_0088  DSC_0090

After class, the children were encouraged to rinse off  in the communal shower area behind the pool. Surprisingly, standing under the rain shower, turning the water back on once the timer expired became a highly anticipated activity for the kids. Swimmers stayed in their suits until they moved to the dressing area. Goldfish offers and entire section of dressing rooms for the little tykes to change back into their dry clothes. We never had a problem finding a room even on the busiest of days, and before we left we’d always give our wet suits a spin in the complimentary drier.

DSC_0147  DSC_0148

Teaching Tools

Each lane (aka, class) is setup with a variety of equipment, as pictured below. Each kid has their own color, which they loved, and in keeping with the Goldfish Swim School theme, all of it is bright and colorful. It truly enticed the children to into getting into the water and “play.”

DSC_0112  IMG_4701

And when necessary, or as a reward, some of the bigger flotation devices are pulled out. They have all kinds of rafts in the shape of various animals, a floating motorcycle and a canoe – all things the kids eagerly searched for and pointed out before every class.


And at the end of each lesson, the kids were rewarded with a ribbon highlighting a specific objective they’d mastered or skill they’d practiced. It was such great positive reinforcement. The kids looked forward to seeing what ribbon they’d earned that day. They were proud of themselves and couldn’t wait to tell me all the details about what I’d had the pleasure of witnessing that day (in the viewing area). I was proud of them, too.



Parking: Did I mention they have a big parking lot. I didn’t. Well, let me tell you, it’s big and uber-convenient! A HUGE plus in my book.

Family Swim Hours: During off hours, Goldfish offers multiple open swim sessions. With registration, you’re gifted several free passes to open swim, and if you need more they are available for a nominal fee. Below is the convenient schedule.

  • MONDAY: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • WEDNESDAY: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • THURSDAY: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
  • FRIDAY: 12:30pm – 1:30pm & 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • SUNDAY: 4:00pm – 5:15pm & 5:15pm – 6:30pm

After completing our six week trial, and seeing the results for myself, I can honestly tell you that this swim school has found the perfect balance (get it, like pH balance) of fun, function and instruction. They’ve mastered the art of teaching kids, what can sometimes be frightening, like holding ones breath and submerging one’s self – in a playful, effective way. That among the many other delightful aspects of this school make the experience quite enjoyable.

We give Goldfish Swim School two fins up (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)! If you’ve been thinking about swim lessons or looking for a place to go, I encourage you to give them a try. You’ll thank me later!

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