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Snipe Hunt!

How many of you were ever sent on The Great Snipe Hunt when you were a kid? The perfect adult ruse; get the kids involved in a mythical animal hunt-outdoors. Beer may have been involved… “OK, kids. I have heard that there are snipe in these woods. I have only seen one once, when I was a kid… They... Read more »

Summertime Fun

I’d like to say that we have had a packed schedule of fun activities keeping the kids’ minds and bodies occupied all day, every day. Nope. Intentions were good… We had signed up for a video animation class, which fit right in with our vacation schedule, but that got cancelled the day of the first... Read more »

Pushing Him

Maybe I am a ‘mean’ mom (I know my kids think so sometimes), but I need to push my kids to try new things.  Whether it’s a new food, sport, class, activity, whatever…I am always encouraging my kids to try. Recently, I ‘highly encouraged’ my son Cooper to participate in a drum competition.  He has... Read more »

Ode to the Locust

Can you really write an ode to something you despise? Something that makes you, a normally fearless person in the face of spiders, snakes and even hissing cockroaches (another reason to be happy I wasn’t born on Madagascar), run away like a little girl, waving her arms over her head? Unless you are one of... Read more »

My Girl Fix

Recently, we have spent a lot of time with friends who have girls and I have to say, it’s making me think about how it would be to have a daughter. Granted, we are so done having kids, but spending all this time with girls is making think about how much fun it could be... Read more »

Imaginary friend

Mine was named Lulu, my husband’s may have been Mr. Steven. Almost every child I know has had an imaginary friend, so it was just a matter of time until our very imaginative daughter had one too. We have been waiting to hear about a girlfriend name something like Rosetta or Arabella, who does everything... Read more »