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They Grow Up So Fast

Picture your overly perfumed aunt (no, not you, Leonard) pinching your teenaged, acne-speckled cheek and telling you: “Oh! You are growing up so fast!” For me it was never fast enough. Perhaps being the youngest of 5 girls, I felt that I was ready for college by sophomore year in high school. I couldn’t grow... Read more »

So What Are We Doing Today?

Ah Summer…I love it. I love everything about it. I was so excited for it to get here and have the time to spend with the boys, without having the pressures of school, homework and school volunteering. As you may have read in my previous blogs, I over extended myself a bit and volunteered for... Read more »

Can't do it all

I apologize for my absence from the blog. The return to the work force from maternity leave was not as smooth as I thought. My work hours allow me to be a full time reporter and a kind of a full time mom. I had the one kid logistics down to a science but this... Read more »

Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!
I would like to start by saying that I broke my pinky toe. I would also like to say that it happened while zip lining across the lake at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, or perhaps while chasing after some zany oceanic denizen I’ve never before seen. But I can’t. I hit it... Read more »

But I’m A Boy

Last week, the boys and I had a playdate in Chicago with one of my best friend’s daughter, who is five-years old. As we were walking to our next destination, we passed by the American Girl store and our friend asked if we could go in. Knowing that we were heading to the Lego Store... Read more »

The Grand Jury

I have been completely freaking out by those three words ever since I received a golden sheet of paper via certified mail informing me that I am to appear at 22nd and California on July 1st (which is also Sam’s 9th birthday-and he’s upset). Normally, I would love to be summoned to jury duty. It’s... Read more »

My Little Hoarder

Last weekend, we had a garage sale because we have too much stuff. And since my children seem to constantly WANT new stuff, we needed to make room for it (and pay for it) by getting rid of the old. The problem is my son Cooper is becoming a little hoarder and does not want... Read more »

The Not-So-Secret Garden

The Not-So-Secret Garden
I will never forget the day we moved to the suburbs. I was 8 months pregnant with our second child Sam, and for various reasons, needed to leave our awesome 2 bedroom loft in Roscoe Village. Really, a loft with two kids was NOT do-able if we wanted to preserve what little sanity we had after... Read more »

Back to work

To quote famous South Side philosopher and friend Robin Baumgarten: “Maternity leave is great, except for the taking care of the kids part.” I’m 4 days or as my 5 year old says “3 wake ups” from going back to work. Precisely the “wake ups” are my biggest fear. It’s not the same to feed... Read more »