The Mother-Son Dance

Despite the constant mess in the house, the incessant loud screaming (usually happy squeals, but very loud nonetheless), and the nonstop movement around me, I love having two kids. Two very hyper, active boys are definitely a handful, but I love watching them play together and seeing their relationship as friends as well as brothers growing stronger every day.

That said, at the end of the day I am exhausted, and with Bill traveling so much for work the last few months, I have been going it alone most weekdays. We somehow get through the days just fine, but I feel like that’s all we’ve been doing – getting through the days. Going to sports, doing homework, eating meals together…everything gets done, but I still feel like I haven’t had too much quality time with either of the kids, especially Dylan since he is at school in the afternoons.

Last weekend, Dylan and I finally had an evening to ourselves in the form of the Mother-Son dance at his preschool. The dance had a Candy Land theme and we were to dress our best, or in Dylan’s words “Look beautiful.” We were both very excited about the dance, Dylan so much so that the day he was supposed to bring home the tickets he put them in his folder and left the folder at school in his hurry to get on the bus home to show them to me. He did bring them home the next day, so in the end all was well.

The day of the dance, Dylan and I headed to the school dressed in our brand-new outfits, got our picture taken, and then entered the beautifully decorated gym to meet up with his friends and their moms. Dylan and I ate dinner with them and then headed to a booth set up by a local hair salon that was offering colored hair gels on the kids. Dylan was so excited to get a blue mohawk! We then returned to the gym, where he saw even more of his classmates and promptly disappeared running around like a crazy man with them.

I wasn’t bothered by this at all because, for one, Dylan is not a huge dancer, but mostly it was because it warmed my heart so much to see how many friends he had made at school and how genuinely happy all these kids seemed to see Dylan and play with him. Usually when Dylan comes home from school, all I hear about is a few select children, most of whom he already knew before he started Kindergarten, so I was a little concerned that he wasn’t making other friends while at school. I was very happy to be proven wrong. Plus, this gave me a chance to catch up with my other mom friends, who had also been ‘ditched’ by their boys.

The music was blaring, everyone was having a grand old time. Then the DJ played ‘Gangham Style’ and the kids went crazy! They were all jumping around, the lights were twinkling, the fog machine was going…and then the fire alarm went off! We all grabbed our coats and evacuated the building as the fire department and the police showed up. Another real treat for the kids!

As the dance was essentially over anyway, me and the other moms headed over to the golf club restaurant for ice cream with the boys. It turns out another bunch of moms were there with their kids, so we essentially had a giant room to ourselves for more socializing. By the time we got home it was almost 11 pm and Bill and Liam were already asleep. We went upstairs to change into our pajamas and read a book before bed. Before he closed his little eyes, Dylan gave me a hug and said “I had fun at the Mother-Son dance. We should have another date soon.”

My heart melting, I squeezed him hard and promised, “I will make sure that we do.”



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